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On the Eve of a New Year

Hello my dear friends, hello! It's been a while, hasn't it? What can I say? It's been one hell of a busy, awesome, crazy, messy, frustrating, stressful, fabulous year ... a year that didn't leave me much time to blog or do some of the more creative, personal things that I wanted to do. Instead,… Continue reading On the Eve of a New Year

My So-Called Academic Life

How You Doin’?

As you can imagine, January was a crazy, exciting, frustrating, and challenging month for me. Not only have I been getting used to living in a new state that is politically and culturally different than New York, but I've also been getting used to being a full-time faculty member. Sure, I was an adjunct for the… Continue reading How You Doin’?


Dancing to the Beat of My Own Kazoo

When no one is looking and I'm all alone in my own head, I know who I am. When their voices are silenced and the traces of what they think are muffled by my own inner voice, I understand who I am. When I stop wondering how they get their work done and how they keep their schedule, I am… Continue reading Dancing to the Beat of My Own Kazoo