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On the Eve of a New Year

Hello my dear friends, hello! It's been a while, hasn't it? What can I say? It's been one hell of a busy, awesome, crazy, messy, frustrating, stressful, fabulous year ... a year that didn't leave me much time to blog or do some of the more creative, personal things that I wanted to do. Instead,… Continue reading On the Eve of a New Year

Bat Fit

Bat Fit Day 6: Staying on Track While Sick

I'm sick ... like really, really sick. I have infected tonsils and a chest cold that's been gurgling every time I cough. My fever broke last night, thankfully. My appetite has been iffy, though I do have a craving for stews and soups for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As for exercising, I managed one day this… Continue reading Bat Fit Day 6: Staying on Track While Sick

Bat Fit

Bat Fit 2017 Day 4: Relax

Ah, relaxation ... that illusive state of being which many of us strive towards, but very rarely achieve. I'll admit, I'm an awesome procrastinator, but a terrible relaxer. When I'm tired, stressed, and overworked I will do everything in my power to avoid work -- internet surfing, writing lists, planning and re-planning -- but I will never… Continue reading Bat Fit 2017 Day 4: Relax

Bat Fit

Bat Fit 2017: Day 1 Setting Goals

It's time, dear readers! It's time for our annual Bat Fit launch. WAHOO! Can you believe that Bat Fit is FIVE YEARS OLD THIS YEAR?!? Holy smokes! So without further ado let's get this party started. What's that you say, new reader? What's Bat Fit? Bat Fit was started in December 2011 when I decided that… Continue reading Bat Fit 2017: Day 1 Setting Goals