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November Reflections

I haven't felt like blogging lately; matter-of-fact, I haven't really felt like journalling in any form. It's been a quiet time of deep introspection, a time when words are not a satisfactory way to communicate such complex -- and often messy -- thoughts and feelings. This has been a significant year for me in many… Continue reading November Reflections

My So-Called Academic Life, Philosophy and Deep Thoughts

Academic Kindness

This has been one of those years of self-reflection, especially that of the academic self. I've been reading pedagogy and career-related books instead of actually doing any "real" research. I re-read Carnes Minds on Fire, and either started to read or read Filene The Joy of Teaching; Berg and Seeber The Slow Professor; Hall The Academic Self; Fink Creating Significant Learning Experiences; Gabriel Teaching… Continue reading Academic Kindness

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Once Again, Things Change

Life is change. This is an undeniable truth to our existence. Change is necessary for growth and a deeper understanding of self, whether we like it or not. The last four years have brought immense changes to my life: my beautiful Momma died, I finished my dissertation and graduate studies, I moved three times --… Continue reading Once Again, Things Change

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One Crazy Walk-About

Sometimes a person goes out into the wilderness in search of their "true self," or some other answer to a philosophical question prompted by a complete breakdown, existential crisis, or some other disorder or destruction of one's perceived world or self. Sometimes that person is drastically changed by the experience and ends up in a… Continue reading One Crazy Walk-About

Philosophy and Deep Thoughts

Revisiting a Blog Post, or Thank You Wayback Machine

I searched for my old blog on the Wayback Machine ... and low and behold this was the first post that seemed to be saved. Fitting. Timely. Inspirational. I wrote this post the day after David Bowie died. I needed to read it again ... and again ... and again. I needed to remember. I… Continue reading Revisiting a Blog Post, or Thank You Wayback Machine

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The Dawning of a New Day: Good Bye 2016

After a month of packing and moving we arrived in Bryan-College Station, Texas this past Thursday. Even though we haven't any furniture because we couldn't take any with us and the POD has been delayed a week, we are happily putting together our new home. In the last few days we've bought everything we need… Continue reading The Dawning of a New Day: Good Bye 2016