Professional Service

Art History Teaching Resources

  • Contributing Editor (2018-present)
  • Peer Reviewer (2018-present)

Texas A&M University, Honors/LAUNCH

  • Campus Coordinator for Reacting to the Past (2017-present)

Texas A&M University, Department of Visualization

  • VISTPAC Undergraduate Committee (2017-2018)

Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association

  • Member of the Advisory Board (2016 to 2018)
  • Co-Vice President of Publications (2016 to 2018)
  • Co-Editor and Production Editor for Response (2016 to 2018)
  • Area Chair for American Studies (2014 to 2018)

Seton Hall University, College of Communication and the Arts 

  • Faculty Advisor for The Art Attack Club, an Art History and Fine Arts Club (2015-2016)

Association of Historians of Nineteenth Century Art 

  • Annual Symposium Committee Member (2013, 2014, 2016)
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