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One Crazy Walk-About

Sometimes a person goes out into the wilderness in search of their "true self," or some other answer to a philosophical question prompted by a complete breakdown, existential crisis, or some other disorder or destruction of one's perceived world or self. Sometimes that person is drastically changed by the experience and ends up in a… Continue reading One Crazy Walk-About


Leggings that Fit … For Real

I'm a tall woman whose thighs and tush are rather "thick," and that means finding leggings that fit is nearly impossible. I've tried all sorts of leggings, from sportswear specifically designed for "large women" to fashion leggings from places like Lane Bryant, only to be disappointed by the style, quality, and fit. Leggings for "tall"… Continue reading Leggings that Fit … For Real


A Cold Winter’s Night in Texas

  This past Friday night, Ed and I went to First Friday with a friend in Downtown Bryan. First Friday is a monthly event that showcases live music, art, food, and all sorts of fun in Historic Downtown Bryan. Stores stay open later than usual and many restaurants, bars, and venues host music and other entertainment.… Continue reading A Cold Winter’s Night in Texas