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Revisiting a Blog Post, or Thank You Wayback Machine

I searched for my old blog on the Wayback Machine ... and low and behold this was the first post that seemed to be saved. Fitting. Timely. Inspirational. I wrote this post the day after David Bowie died. I needed to read it again ... and again ... and again. I needed to remember. I… Continue reading Revisiting a Blog Post, or Thank You Wayback Machine

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Updates Galore and Bat Fit

Hello, my lovely readers! Hello! Good grief, have I been busy around here lately! Classes started last Tuesday and I've been in a mad rush to get my on-line class up-and-running, writing syllabi, organizing my first lectures for my American Art class, and getting acclimated to a new school in a new state. Not to… Continue reading Updates Galore and Bat Fit


A Cold Winter’s Night in Texas

  This past Friday night, Ed and I went to First Friday with a friend in Downtown Bryan. First Friday is a monthly event that showcases live music, art, food, and all sorts of fun in Historic Downtown Bryan. Stores stay open later than usual and many restaurants, bars, and venues host music and other entertainment.… Continue reading A Cold Winter’s Night in Texas

Bat Fit

Bat Fit Day 6: Staying on Track While Sick

I'm sick ... like really, really sick. I have infected tonsils and a chest cold that's been gurgling every time I cough. My fever broke last night, thankfully. My appetite has been iffy, though I do have a craving for stews and soups for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As for exercising, I managed one day this… Continue reading Bat Fit Day 6: Staying on Track While Sick

Bat Fit

Bat Fit 2017 Day 4: Relax

Ah, relaxation ... that illusive state of being which many of us strive towards, but very rarely achieve. I'll admit, I'm an awesome procrastinator, but a terrible relaxer. When I'm tired, stressed, and overworked I will do everything in my power to avoid work -- internet surfing, writing lists, planning and re-planning -- but I will never… Continue reading Bat Fit 2017 Day 4: Relax