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Bat Fit 2017: A Reflection


I can’t believe that it’s October 1 on Sunday. October. Where in the world did the time go? This year has been a blur — one spent in survival mode and deep introspection. I started the year in an empty house, in a new state, waiting for a POD filled with my life to be delivered. We slept on an air mattress and sat on the floor to do our work, much to the detriment of our backs. We spent the last ten months learning our way around Bryan-College Station, complaining about the torturous heat, and quickly discovering that life in Texas is a relatively sedentary one thanks to the lack of public transportation and horrible weather. One needs to make an effort and actually go to the gym if one wants to stay healthy and fit.

I also discovered that being a full-time professor sucks everything out of you while it completely devours every last minute of your time. This makes going to the gym and cooking at home almost impossible. We’ve eaten out more this year than we ever have, quickly discovering that the local restaurants serve huge portions of all sorts of foods that neither of us are used to eating. BBQ: delicious! Taco Tuesdays: bring it. Cheese-laden everything: good grief, my arteries. While it was fun to discover the local fare (especially the BBQ!), I was — and am — rapidly gaining weight.

My thyroid wasn’t behaving either. At the end of May I was so “out of range” that my new doctor raised my medication. While I feel somewhat better and did lose a few pounds, I’m still a little off. I can’t figure out of it’s because she took me off the name brand and switched me to a generic, or if my thyroid isn’t behaving again. Another blood test will soon tell all. As for everything else, besides a moronic, local GYN telling me that I might have cancer because my long-time fibroid grew a few centimeters this year — as they do (ahem) — and that I’ll need a hysterectomy — which I don’t because it’s not cancer and not bothering me — my general health is good. Not great. Not optimum. Just good.

I know that going to the gym and eating smaller portions of good, home-cooked food is the answer to my physical woes. I gained all of my weight back and losing some of it will take the stress off my arthritic joints. I’ll be able to wear the gorgeous clothes that I can’t currently fit into, expanding my incredibly shrinking wardrobe caused by weight gain. And let’s face it, I can cook better than any restaurant around here. But time, or lack of time, is the issue. My kanban board and Planner Pad are packed to the brim with the work associated with teaching three classes, two committee assignments, and all of my writing and research. Add a job hunt to this already crazy schedule and VOILA! No time left in the week. I haven’t had a weekend off in three weeks! Yes, I’ve been working seven days a week … and this needs to stop. But how?

Something has to give. Anything. My health depends on it.

8 thoughts on “Bat Fit 2017: A Reflection”

  1. I’m so sorry that your schedule is so full. I really hope that things fall into place soon and you can get everything you’ve worked so hard for. Much love to you, Ed, Moo and Pumpkin in these frustrating and busy times.


  2. I sympathize with you. I used to live in Arlington, Texas back in mid 80’s I truly hated it! I gained weight. Everything was fried or laden with gravy- as you found out, nothing is walking distance. I looked like I stepped out of the shower,walking from my apartment to the parking lot. The heat drained me. I didnt want to go anywhere that didnt have air conditioning. On top of that, I was homesick. I moved back to Staten Island 18 months later. Everyone said the first year is the toughest, if I got past it, I would adjust and embrace my new life.
    I was so depressed after my first year. There’s no place like NYC.


    1. UGH! The first year is the toughest, but not like this. Adapting to Boston was much, much easier … probably because it’s the East Coast. This is just crazy. I’ll be back soon, but until I am I need to figure this out.


  3. I really sympathise. I’m a fan of keeping active by incidental exercise rather than going to a gym and it sucks when your location or life stop that from happening. I hope you can find some room for your health soon.


  4. I could also do with a swift kick in my butt for letting my body get in such a bad shape! I also need to find my time, but I don’t have nearly such a bad environment as you do. The only thing I have is a bad conscience and excuses, excuses, excuses. *sigh* I’ll have to get myself back into the saddle, right?


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