What’s This? An Outfit Post?!?


I have to admit, getting dressed here in Texas — especially during the summer — has been a challenge for me. It’s hot and humid … and no, I don’t mean “hot.” I mean TEXAS HOT. Yes, yes, folks warned me and I argued that it’s also hot and humid in NYC. And it is … but at least NYC gets a break from the heat in the fall, winter, and spring. Here, it’s hot all the damned time. Well, except for maybe three or four months when it’s hovers around 70 degrees and then folks say it’s “nice.” 70 degrees is still too hot for me, especially in February! But alas, this is where I am right now so I need to suck it up.

And by “sucking it up” I mean that I need to find ways to cope. My wardrobe has changed significantly since I moved here. I’ve been focusing more on cotton and light shoes, and less on velvet, tights, and boots. While I mostly still wear black and dark colors, I’ve discovered LuLaRoe through a new friend and that means flowy clothing and leggings in crazy patterns. It’s called survival, folks, and I intend to survive in the most comfortable and glamorous way I can.

I’m learning that the lighter cotton found in athletic wear does really well in this heat. The top that I wore on Saturday is actually from a plus-sized workout collection found at Kohl’s. I deliberately chose a larger size so that it fits more like a tunic, covering my tush so that I can wear it with leggings. The cotton is light, breezy, and quite comfortable in the heat.ย The skirt, also bought at Kohl’s, is more of a broomstick rather than a real tailored pleat. It has the appearance of real pleats without the need for ironing, a plus in my book. Again, it’s made of cotton and is comfortable in the depths of the afternoon heat. Together, the outfit is a smart and cool rift on a vintage, 20s vibe.ย My bat necklace from Alchemy Gothic, bat earrings from Blood Flowers Jewelry, and leopard print Mary Janes from Hot Chocolate Design completed my outfit.

How do you survive the summer heat?

The Run Down:
Skirt and blouse: Kohl’s
Shoes: Hot Chocolate Design
Necklace: Alchemy Gothic, bought at Gothic Renaissance, NYC
Earrings: Blood Flowers Jewelry

20 thoughts on “What’s This? An Outfit Post?!?”

  1. Here in Southeast Idaho we get pretty stupid hot every summer — July and August are in the 90s most days and up to over 100 for at least a few days. It’s a dry heat, yeah yeah — still stupid hot! I do pretty much what you describe: lots of cotton (but also linen, excellent for hot weather), usually T-shirts or light blouses with long skirts. Important: bike shorts under the skirts to ward off road rash!


  2. It is good to hear from you! Yes, survival is key….I visit my brother in Tempe Arizona every year, and in the summer it is 120 degrees and dry dry dry….like walking into an oven.
    When I go, I stay covered up and in black, but rayon tops and linen palazzo pants or a broomstick stick do the job nicely. I love light cotton peasant blouses too and stop up when I find black or navy ones when I am out there. I also skip makeup when it is hot, opting for tinted sunscreen and a tinted lip gloss only. Otherwise, it melts off.


  3. Yes, the rigors of southern living! I bet in NYC you didn’t have to constantly run the a/c either? Here it doesn’t shut off from May to October. And every May I grieve having to put away my combat boots because it’s just too dang hot! Are those Hot Chocolate shoes as comfy as they look?


    1. We didn’t have a/c until I was in high school and my Mom was going through menopause. HA! True, NYers don’t always have to run the a/c, but most do because of allergies, etc. When we’re camping Upstate it’s absolutely glorious, as you can imagine.

      Hot Chocolates are SO friggin comfy that it’s ridiculous. They’ve quickly become my go-to shoes for everyday and traveling. I highly recommend them.


      1. Have you worn them for a while? Are they durable? They can be so dang expensive, I don’t want to invest in something that won’t last a good, long while. And are they true to size? Seriously think I need a pair. LOL


      2. Yes, I have a pair from late March and April and they are holding up really well. They have real soles like a normal shoe and the material is sturdy, yet light. And they DRY fast! Great for sudden Southern storms. Hot Chocolate is having an awesome sale right now. I got mine on sale, wore them for a few weeks, and bought three more pairs. HA!


  4. Well when I first moved to the US, specifically Arizona… it took quite a bit of getting used to; like you I was used to it being around 70 to 80 just a couple months out of the year– it’s Canada after all, heheh. As I progressed from Arizona to New Mexico, my goth survival abilities refined, though luckily I was always kind of cold blooded… meaning I seemed to endure the heat much better than I fared in the cold. Now living in Texas, where not only is it always hot… but it’s damn humid… blech, I sympathize, friend. 2 years now sufficed to say I spend as little time as possible outside, though my velvets, stockings and boots will have to be pried from my scorched crumbly remains to give them up haha!

    Hopefully it isn’t a long transition period for you here!


    1. Oh don’t get me wrong, NYC can get brutal, especially in July and August. Remember, we have all that concrete and asphalt, not to mention those buildings pumping the a/c exhaust into the streets. It’s awful … and yes, it can get into the 90s, often for weeks on end.

      Texas, however, is something altogether different. It’s so hot and humid that just walking out of your house is an effort. I don’t even want to think about eating or doing anything strenuous in this heat … and by strenuous I mean, walking from the car to the house.


  5. Poor poor you, I don’t do well in heat.
    But over here we still haven’t had any proper summer yet (maybe 5 days over 70 degrees) and it turns out that’s no fun either.


  6. For me it’s all about fibre content and fir. Linen, cotton, rayon and hemp when I can find it plus stuff that doesn’t cling to my body but flows and moves around me. And of course my special under skirt underwear that are a female version of men’s long cotton briefs to deal with thigh rub. Once I made those I started wearing a lot more skirts/dresses and I love them in hot weather.


  7. I know this is a few months behind but I just discovered your blog today. ๐Ÿ™‚ I *LOVE* Hot Chocolate Design shoes! So far I just have the skeleton foot shoes and the ones that look like black and white wing tips but I have plans for several more pairs. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Hi Sarah! Welcome aboard! I had a blog on blogger for years and years … and then decided it was time for a break and a revamp. I’m still not back to a regular blogging schedule, but I hope to get there soon.

      Hot Chocolate is the BOMB. I love traveling with their shoes because they pack flat and are comfy. ๐Ÿ™‚


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