Texas Adventures

Sky on Fire

Texas has many beautiful and amazing natural sights; however, the most extraordinary — in my humble opinion — are the sunsets. The Texas sky is huge, vast, and rolling. On a clear day you can see for miles and miles; and the clouds look like big, puffy bunny butts hopping across the sky. But at dusk! What a magnificent show of light and color!

February sunset after a storm. Bryan, Texas

Brazos County, where Bryan-College Station is located, is a mixture of Blackland Prairie and Post Oak Savannah. This means that the land is somewhat hilly and covered in short trees and tall grasses. This combination of prairie and savannah makes for incredibly violet and fast-moving thunder and lightening storms. These storms are vicious with lightening striking in the fields close by our house and thunder so loud that it can crack windows. From what folks tell me, I haven’t seen the worst of the storms yet. Those happen in the summer and often bring tornado watches, warnings, and an occasional touch down. Storms also bring the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen! A couple of weeks ago we had horrible storms during the day that resulted in partial clearing and an amazing sunset, seen above.

Sunset in Bryan, Texas.

Almost every sunset, Ed and I are greeted by purply-pink skies that quickly turn into a fire-filled sky of molten oranges and yellows, tinged with purple edges. During the winter months in NYC, the skies usually turn purple at sunset. We never got the kind of sunsets that we’ve been seeing here in Texas … and it’s only March! I can’t imagine how breathtaking the skies are going to be later in the year.

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