A Navy Blue Day

Yes, this is my backyard deck.

Two weekends ago, Ed and I spent our Saturday afternoon exploring Historic Downtown Bryan, which has a handful of antique and vintage shops, cute boutiques, and nice restaurants and bars. It’s a small town, but the shops — especially the antique shops — are pretty impressive and quite nice. Needless to say, I bought another vintage hat to add to my collection. Yes, I will eventually feature it here. I just can’t seem to stop myself from buying awesome hats!!! Sheeze. One day all my overstuffed hat boxes are going to fall on me and kill me. HA!

Pumpkin loving the sun.

I decided get “dolled up” for a day exploring my new town. I wore fancy, wide-leg trousers and a silky blouse; both are modern pieces that “mimic” the look and cut of 1920s clothing. The coat is a light-weight wool, vintage piece that I bought from FabGabs last year. It’s a late 1940s coat that can easily pass for a 20s piece.

Those of you who have followed my blog on blogger know that I tend to buy contemporary clothing that has the same cut and style as vintage clothing. I’m a 6 foot tall, athletic woman who has a wide back from swimming. I have trouble fitting into vintage clothing, so I will specifically look for vintage cuts in modern clothing or will make my own clothes. However, every once in a while I get lucky and find a vintage piece that fits me perfectly. I always think about the woman who wore these pieces — was she an athlete like me? Did she have Julia Child’s build and physique? Did she tower over her friends? Did she throw her head back when she laughed, not caring whose delicate sensibilities she offended? I can envision a tall, Glamazon walking down 5th Avenue towering over everyone, head held high and with confidence in her step … my tall, vintage Fairy Godmother.


Believe it or not, I’ve been wearing my summer hats here in Texas. Every so often it’s cool enough to break out my wool hats … rarely. I need to start building a “warm weather” hat collection, that’s for sure. Good grief! I desperately need a haircut. It’s way too long for a proper 20s bob! When I can make a ponytail and Victory Rolls, you know it’s time for a shearing. Maybe this weekend?

The Run Down

Blouse: Macys’

Trousers: Lord & Taylor

Shoes: ModCloth

Hat: Hats in the Belfry

Coat: FabGabs

8 thoughts on “A Navy Blue Day”

  1. You really suit hats, they frame your face perfectly and that one is no exception. It’s always fun rummaging around looking for that perfect piece in quirky shops.

    It must be odd, moving to a new place, having to find a ‘new’ everything, like a hairdresser. Love your house btw, we don’t have many wood framed houses here in the UK and they look just lovely – I like how they have porches and walkways and are just a little bit more quirky than a straight up and down brick terrace!


    1. Aw, thank you! Finding a hairstylist, doctors, and a vet for the kids hasn’t been easy. I’ve been asking for lots and lots of recommendations, that’s for sure.

      Our house is located in a development complex with other houses that were built by the same builder. This usually means that every house looks the same … oddly enough, no two houses are alike around here! Every one of them has it’s own signature, which is so nice. 🙂

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  2. Franny, I think you have found your niche with 20’s vintage style you always look glamorous. I must confess I hate vintage clothing when I’ve attended a few fair they always have that distinct musty aroma which stinks to me. A lot of the clothing is just shockingly bad and overpriced for it. Most of it’s too small for to even for my hobbit frame. You have so much diversity in shops you can find some amazing vintage style clothes. Glad to hear your starting to find your feet.


    1. When I wear 20s styles I don’t feel like I’m wearing a costume, know what I mean? It feels natural and comfortable. Maybe it’s a “past life” thing? 😀

      Vintage clothing makes me nuts. Hats, bags, and accessories I love … the clothing is just meh. I love the wool coats when I can get one to fit. The dresses are often altered beyond repair or they’ve been worn to shreds. The wartime 40s dresses — especially the home made ones — are never lined and corners are always cut for the war effort. I’d rather get the modern reproductions of the patterns and make my own.


  3. I love the wide pants, looking like a skirt but much more comfortable when walking around a lot! I feel you on the modern clothes inspired by vintage. I’m also pretty tall and not the correct measurements for real vintage.


    1. The pants are SO comfortable — they serious fit like pajamas, except more glam! 🙂 Yes, I’m not the correct measurements for most of vintage. Too tall, too broad … maybe if Julia Child’s clothing went on auction! HA! Forget trying to fit into 20s, waif-thin clothing.


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