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Updates Galore and Bat Fit

bannerfans_16248261Hello, my lovely readers! Hello! Good grief, have I been busy around here lately!

Classes started last Tuesday and I’ve been in a mad rush to get my on-line class up-and-running, writing syllabi, organizing my first lectures for my American Art class, and getting acclimated to a new school in a new state. Not to mention attending meetings, getting involved in the Live Lab, and trying to figure out my work schedule. It’s been pretty overwhelming to say the least.

Speaking of a new state, we’re slowly getting used to Bryan-College Station, TX … though, I have to admit, I’m a bit homesick for NYC. I really miss the ability to get on the train and go anywhere in the five boroughs, especially to the museums and library. Since I don’t have my license I’m really dependent on Ed to drive everywhere, including dropping me off and picking me up at school. I feel kind of trapped right now — something I hope to fix in the next few months as I work to get my license.

nestingAs for the unpacking process, my kitchen, bathrooms, and most of my wardrobe are unpacked. Ed unpacked most of his books … and me? Well, let’s just say I have boxes and books everywhere with hardly anything unpacked. I just haven’t had the time, energy, or wherewithal to do so. I’ve been digging into boxes for the books that I need immediately, leaving everything in piles on my office floor. My nick-nacks, Boneys, crystal, etc. are all still in boxes in the garage … forget about my art, sewing, and knitting supplies! Alas, we’re not completely moved in yet … and it really, really bothers me. I just haven’t had the energy or emotional capacity to do much of anything except teach. I’m exhausted from the move and last semester, a bit lonely, and really out-of-sorts because I’m in a foreign place. My goal is to have everything unpacked and in place before February 1 … we’ll see if this actually happens.

bat-fit-2017As for my health and weight, I think things are going well. I don’t have a scale anymore — we threw it out when we moved because its time was done — so I have no idea if I’m actually losing weight. I feel thinner and my clothes are fitting better. Ed recently told me that I look thinner and healthier, so perhaps I am? My eating habits are back to their normal Bat Fit goodness: I’m eating reasonable portions and healthy, wholesome foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’ve been cooking at home five nights a week, reserving our eating out to “date nights.” We’re finding healthy and delicious alternatives to the typical calorie-laden Tex-Mex, Mexican, and Southern/Texas options here in Texas. A local BBQ place has healthier dishes, including grilled chicken over salad, and many restaurants have vegetarian and smaller plates. The little café in my building offers a yummy hummus-veggie wrap that has been my lunch for the past few days. I’m snacking on oranges because it’s “Citrus Season” here in Texas and that means oranges are CHEAP. Like really cheap. I also bought a box of microwave popcorn — the bags are 100 calories each so I can regulate my portion size. And let’s not forget about yogurt, which I eat before bed. Yesterday, Ed and I decided to treat ourselves to cookies. Nothing too extravagant, but enough to satisfy the cookie craving that we were both having.

I’m moving more, however, I haven’t been exercising as much as I would like. I came down with a horrible cold and bronchitis, which turned into a terrific cough that I’m just getting over. I’m feeling better so I can start working out 30 minute a day, four days a week. Until I get my bearings in the new school and state … and until I figure out a “doable” work/writing/research/etc. schedule I won’t be swimming any time soon. I still have my eye on Masters Swimming for the Fall. crosses fingers We’ll see. Slow and steady. Slow and steady.


13 thoughts on “Updates Galore and Bat Fit”

  1. Considering you made several life changes within a relatively short period of time, this reads like you’re off to a good start to me. I like the reference to throwing out the scale; it’s like a country song when the narrator rips off the review mirror and tosses it out the window :p

    You are going to find awesome friends but if you’re a bit lonely in the meantime, the Gardener is only a weekend flight away and she promises not to talk in the third person in your presence ;D Seriously, I can pick up a rental car and we can have an adventure or we can sit around and work on lesson plans together.

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    1. I’m desperately trying to cut myself some slack, especially since I’m still getting used to being on campus four out of five days. I’m also trying to figure out a working schedule that actually works … so far no dice. Ah well.

      You know, New Orleans is smack between us now. Ahem. HINT.

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      1. I’m actually going to be at North Central Texas College (Flower Mound, TX) in May for World Dracula Day Symposium 😀 I think I’m teaching summer school or I may be able to head down your way. I have two other conferences where I’m presenting over the summer so I’m sad to say NOLA is probably out for me this year; but, there’s always 2018!


  2. You need to settle first before throwing yourself into the waves again! I moved almost 4 months ago and still have some boxes to unpack! Don’t push too hard, especially when you are sick… *hugs*


  3. It sounds like you are finding your balance again, but it must be allowed to take some time. Best of luck in getting your license, I know I couldn’t live without mine!


    1. I’m getting there. I need some “normal time,” and will hopefully get that come February. I’m planning to bust my butt unpacking this weekend. Here’s hoping I get a good amount of it done. As for my license, I’m going to need it, that’s for sure!


  4. After moving and unpacking it rather stressful and considering you’ve literally uplifted and moved to a new part of the world essential. I think it’s going to take time. I think after moving into the house it’s taken me and my partner time t get used to teething problems and understanding how we’ll use the rooms. I know sounds trivial but sometimes that can create a whole range of wonderful problems. Also moving from New York to Texas has to be such an immense cultural difference, after spending two weeks in the states and visiting four different states, even looking at their politics such as the death row.


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