A Cold Winter’s Night in Texas

Yes, the photo is slightly out of focus. I just dug my tripod out of the garage so things should be back to normal soon.


This past Friday night, Ed and I went to First Friday with a friend in Downtown Bryan. First Friday is a monthly event that showcases live music, art, food, and all sorts of fun in Historic Downtown Bryan. Stores stay open later than usual and many restaurants, bars, and venues host music and other entertainment. Unfortunately, temperatures dropped to 19 degrees here in Bryan, making for a Freezing First Friday. As a result, our First Friday was kind of a bust because it seemed like everyone stayed home … brrrr! I don’t blame them. The three of us ended up lingering over dinner and then getting a glass of wine at another place to linger some more.

Just before we moved, Ed and I gave away our super heavy winter coats, including my faux fur leopard print jacket that has seen better days. Much to our chagrin, we needed warm clothes for Friday night … including winter coats, which neither of us really had. I dug out this vintage wool and mink coat that I bought in New Hope last winter for a mere $75.00! This baby is super warm even though it has three quarter sleeves …oh, the 50s! What were you thinking with three quarter sleeves on a coat? Gloves are never that warm! The coat is lined with a thick, wool lining, making this baby the warmest coat I’ve ever owned, if you can believe it.

tI have to admit, I have a love-hate relationship with vintage fur. I would never buy modern fur, but I’ve been sort of swayed by the reasoning of the vintage community regarding old furs. The animal has already been long dead and the fur is being recycled and reused, harming no new animals in the process. HOWEVER, I have to wonder if wearing vintage fur gives the visual permission that fur is acceptable in the modern age … which it isn’t in my opinion. This and a halo hat from the 40s is the only vintage fur that I own. I honestly don’t see myself buying anymore because I just can’t get past the fact that I’m wearing a poor animal, no matter how old it is.

Also, vintage fur is usually very fragile. Sometimes it hasn’t been properly stored, which means it’s either dried out and has the potential of falling apart during normal wear, or it’s filled with mites, causing it to smell musty. I bought this coat because I liked the coat itself. The fur is falling apart because it’s dried out — I’ve already stitched it together and fear that it’s not long for the earth. The coat is in fine shape, so when the fur finally falls apart I will be replacing it with faux fur … perhaps something more dramatic and fun.

Yes, I’ve been wearing the same outfits this past month because I only just unpacked my clothes! I finally have access to everything I own and it’s making my life that much easier in the mornings. We’re finally on our way to “normal time.”

So what is your opinion on vintage fur?

The Run Down

Coat: Vintage. Love Saves the Day, New Hope, PA

Hat: Victorian Trading Co.

Stockings: Target

Shoes: DSW

15 thoughts on “A Cold Winter’s Night in Texas”

  1. Brrr! Sounds so cold!
    My opinion is that although I do understand and appreciate general consensus of the vintage community that the animal is long deceased and it is better than throwing away and wasting that life, I personally do not wear any fur, vintage or otherwise. I do not judge anyone who does not agree with me, and give my view only when asked. ☺

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    1. Thanks, Lainie. Logically, I understand the vintage community’s opinion about fur; however, my gut always turns when I actually have it in my hands. I loved this coat — the cut, weight, and shape — and the price. Yes, the real fur will be replaced with faux when it finally falls apart.

      I appreciate your honesty. Thanks.


  2. I hear you, and I would say that any time one uses vintage fur in public, whether out and about or online, one is perpetuating fur fashion. But, being a person who eats meat and wears leather shoes, I sometimes wonder if the ban on fur isn’t kind of arbitrary, just a way for us to ease our guilty consciences?


    1. Exactly. I eat bunny … I like bunny. So does that mean I can wear bunny? I don’t have an answer for that. I see meat cattle every day where I now live. Those faces are beautiful and serene, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to eat meat. It’s really a complicated thing.


  3. You look amazing and the “out of focus” picture, as you call it, gives it a slightly ethereal feel. Anyhoo….

    I’m a vegetarian who owns and wears leather so who am I to judge!?! My only thoughts on fur really come from a family tale that my maternal grandmother, whom I never met since she died before I was born, stopped speaking to one of her sisters because their mother’s fur coat was left to one of the sisters instead of to her. As my dad tells it, the coat was probably a cheap rabbit fur since they were all poor to the point of hardly affording to feed themselves and he recalls that the coat had patches where the fur had completely fallen out. Fortunately, your coat and the visual image I have of my great-grandmother’s are not at all similar.

    Hope you’re feeling better and that your voice has returned/ returns soon. ❤


    1. Thanks! OMG! I’ve heard stories like yours before. Sisters fighting over a vintage fur coat that’s nothing but bunny pelt but a symbol of “status” they could barely afford. I understand coats with the furs on the inside and the treated hide on the outside. Those are meant to keep you warm and dry. See, I’m still struggling with this! sigh …


  4. Personally I don’t think it’s perpetuating/condoning wearing new fur simply because most people can’t actually tell the difference between real and faux fur anymore and will simply assume its the latter in most cases. Especially because real, new fur, isn’t really that common outside of high end department stores and even then a lot of designers will use faux fur because of the stigma against real fur is so wide spread at this point that even people who have no other animals rights leanings will be against it (which is a good thing! don’t get me wrong) and also I suspect to lower productions costs because fur is a luxury item and faux fur is usually some type of plastic and therefor cheap to produce.

    I worked at a Saks outlet and every winter we would get in some cheap rabbit fur scarves, headbands, and earmuffs that were made in China. Despite how cheap and thin they were, they cost $100-$500. The only people who bought them were wealthier women at least in their 60’s, Slavic immigrants, or Middle Eastern tourists. The average person usually had some choice comments to make about them once they realized they were real fur (by reading the tag, because again, most people can’t tell simply by looking or feeling) and promptly tossed it on the ground (which thanks buddy for displaying your disgust by not even putting it back on the shelf and potentially ruining merchandise but thats another rant.)

    So you really don’t have much to worry about in that regard but I also respect not wanting to wear it or being uncomfortable wearing it. Personally I love vintage fur (and feathers! I love anything with feathers) and have been on the look out for a fur trimmed wool coat for a few years now but haven’t found quite the right one yet. I hate the feel of faux so I always check to see if its detachable if it’s on an item I’m considering buying. So to each their own!


    1. Good points! Thank you for this reply — you have me really thinking. Yes, I LOVE feathers, too. LOVE THEM. Hats practically NEED them, especially those vintage beauties.

      Like I said, I’m so torn with regards to this. I don’t think folks here in Texas care all that much. Hell, most of them are ranchers or oil folks were I live so fur isn’t a big deal. But, back in NYC it could be problematic, especially with PETA folk. I actually had a PETA kid scream in my face, “MURDERER!” when I was wearing a full length faux fur coat. He was ready to take it from me when I pointed out that it was 100% acrylic … then I got to scream back at him. So yes, your point is valid.


  5. I think vintage fur is different than buying new fur. You are re-using clothing instead of buying something new so decreasing clothing waste. As you said, the animal is long dead and by wearing something pre-existing, you are not supporting the killing of more animals to make new fur coats.


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