The Last Outfit in the Old Place

Mind the weird pose … Ed was taking the picture.

When I packed my clothes last month, I made sure to keep some professional and “fancy” outfits behind just in case we had some last minute holiday plans or in case I had to be on campus immediately. I had no idea what to expect from this move, especially since I read horror stories about PODS delivering the storage unit later than originally scheduled. Well, lo and behold, our POD delivery was delayed a week. Thankfully, I had plenty of outfits, ranging from jeans and t-shirts to outfits like this one.

Can you believe this is my last outfit photo from the old place in NYC? It was taken on Christmas Eve and we were on the way to have brunch with my nieces and nephew. You’ve seen this outfit before — I featured it in my “Functional Flapper” post. The shoes are different, as is the hat. I have to admit, I’m not fond of the hat that I’m wearing here … the fit is awkward, but I guess it’s ok for a everyday, knock-around hat.


It’s really the faux fur stole from The Purple Genie that I’m showing off. I can’t remember who brought my attention to this stole or shop, but the minute I saw it I had to have it. Not only is the quality wonderful, but it wears like a dream. And the shipping from the UK was reasonable and surprisingly fast. Jeannie, the shop owner, packed the stole beautifully. All I needed to do was give it a shake to fluff it up. I have plans for this beauty, so stay tuned, dear readers.


Even though all of our stuff — including our Yulemas ornaments — was packed and on its way to Texas, Ed suggested that we get a small tree just so we could have some semblance of a holiday. We bought lights and ornaments on sale and decorated this little cutie a few days before Yule. I have to admit, it made our remaining time in an empty apartment much more tolerable.

The Run Down

Skirt: QVC

Blouse and sweater: Macy’s

Shoes: DSW

Stockings: Target

Hat: Charming Charlie

Stole: The Purple Genie

9 thoughts on “The Last Outfit in the Old Place”

  1. Franny, I think you’ve found your style niche with your chique outfits. Im not keen on many vintage fashions but their is something aluring about the sultry camp looks of 1920s.You look as you should be in Periot Murder mystery.


  2. I agree with Sarah – it’s not often somebody can pull off a 20’s look, making it look suitable for here and now and not costumey. Did that make any sense? lol Anyway, you look fantastic, and that stole is amazing considering it’s faux! 😀


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