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Bat Fit Day 6: Staying on Track While Sick

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I’m sick … like really, really sick. I have infected tonsils and a chest cold that’s been gurgling every time I cough. My fever broke last night, thankfully. My appetite has been iffy, though I do have a craving for stews and soups for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As for exercising, I managed one day this week before the gurgling in my chest made it nearly impossible to exert myself.

It really stinks to start Bat Fit and then get sick, forcing me to postpone any kind of effort until this gurgling is out of my lungs. But nothing stinks more than getting sick when Bat Fit is fully engrained into your daily routine and you’re grooving along happily. Getting sick or hurt can really put a damper on your health goals and can sometimes completely derail your efforts. During the last five years of Bat Fit, I’ve watched people get sick or hurt and then WHAM! their health goals went out the window and they were back to square one.

When I was swimming competitively in high school and college there was no such thing as “taking a break” because I was sick; and believe me, I would get tonsillitis every January and February when competition season started for the girls. Unless I had a fever and couldn’t get out of bed, I swam. I’ve always been told by my doctor that as long as I didn’t have a fever or a rattling cough swimming was fine. I just needed to get more sleep, take it easy, and eat well. I follow this advice even today: as long as I don’t have a fever or a rattling cough like I currently have it’s ok to swim and workout. Nowadays, I don’t push myself as hard as I did when I was a kid. I still work out, but cut back on the intensity and reps (or laps) or I’ll just go for a long walk with a cup of hot tea in hand. I sleep more and really listen to what my body wants to eat, usually warm liquids like soups. I avoid salads which tend to make me feel cold, opting for cooked vegetables and lean meats. Since I’m not currently working out because of my cough, I’m focusing on stretching and opening my chest with yoga poses.

For me the key is to keep moving, but cut back. Really listen to your body — it knows what it can and can’t do, and what it wants. And hey, when life really drop kicks you out of the Bat House — and off Bat Fit — the best thing you can do is to not beat yourself up about it. Sometimes, life gets in the way of our best intentions. Know that you can pick up where you left off regardless of how long you’ve been off the path of good health.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy New Year and New You! Stay tuned for the Bat Fit Grand Finale tomorrow. I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled blog posting next week. WAHOO!

4 thoughts on “Bat Fit Day 6: Staying on Track While Sick”

  1. So sorry to hear you’re sick. You’re right, it’s a tough one when you’re trying to do good things but I think your solutions are perfect.
    Just because you can’t do what you planned doesn’t mean you can’t do good things! Keep doing your good things and listening to your body.
    I hope you feel better soon.


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