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Bat Fit 2017: Day 1 Setting Goals

It’s time, dear readers! It’s time for our annual Bat Fit launch. WAHOO! Can you believe that Bat Fit is FIVE YEARS OLD THIS YEAR?!? Holy smokes! So without further ado let’s get this party started.

What’s that you say, new reader? What’s Bat Fit? Bat Fit was started in December 2011 when I decided that it was time to lose 40 pounds by my 40th birthday in June. I had always been an athlete — muscular and physically fit — and it bothered me that folks started to refer to me as a “fellow chubby blogger” and a “chubby girl.” I knew that I was overweight. My thyroid disease, inactive lifestyle, and eating habits (emotional and stress eater) wrecked havoc on my body and physical fitness. The more folks referred to me as chubby, the more I became self-conscious of my weight … and the more I became self-conscious, the more I wanted to do something about it. In December 2011 I set the goal of losing 40 pounds by my 40th birthday and asked if anyone wanted to join me in getting healthy and fit. Much to my surprise and happiness many people did and Bat Fit was born. Thanks to my pal, Marcy, this health “movement” got its name. After all, the majority of folks who were reading my blog and who jumped on board were Goths, Rivetheads, Punk Rockers, and other alternative types. It just made sense.

While my personal intention was to lose weight, become physically fit and strong, and eat better, I soon realized that total health included mental and emotional health. More often than not physical health depends on mental and emotional health and that’s when Bat Fit became more than just another New Year’s health resolution. Bat Fit is a total health movement followed by all sorts of alternative folks who are determined to become as healthy as they can be. It embraces the idea of total health — physical, mental, emotional — and understands that without one the others are almost impossible to achieve. Everyone’s Bat Fit goals are unique to them and those of us that read each other’s blogs and are part of the Bat Fit Facebook group vow to support each other in those goals. We do so without judgement.

Disclaimer: I am not that kind of doctor and I am most certainly not any kind of healthcare professional. My own methods of weight loss and total health work for me. Whatever it is you need to do and whomever it is that you need to see to achieve those goals will be personal to you. Bat Fit and any suggestions, recipes, or challenges associated with it have not been developed by a health care professional. I take absolutely NO responsibility for their effectiveness or lack thereof. It’s really up to you to see your doctors, nutritionists, etc. and it’s up to you to stick with whatever health plan you and your doctors come up with.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business! THE FIRST BAT FIT CHALLENGE: SETTING YOUR GOALS. Today is the first day of a new year and that means it’s a great day to set your goals. Notice that I’m not calling them “resolutions”? Why? Quite simply, I think that setting any kind of New Year’s resolution sets you up for failure. Reasonable goals with tangible expectations will keep you focused and motivated. Remember, Bat Fit is about total health and that means if your goal is to spend 30 minutes a day reading poetry in the morning while drinking your tea so that you’re calm and happy during the day, so be it! If it means that you are going to lose some weight and replace your soda habit with seltzer (sparkling water) then do it. Baby steps, my dear readers. Baby steps.

My goals for Bat Fit 2017 are:

  1. To get back down to my ideal weight of 195 lbs. Currently, I weigh 240 lbs … again. Yup, I gained back every, single pound that I lost during the first year of Bat Fit 2012. Part of it was due to my Mom’s death and part of it was due to sitting at my desk writing a dissertation. Gaining the last 10 lbs since August had to due with teaching on-line. I was doing 12-15 hour days at my desk without exercising or eating right. My goal is to lose 45 lbs ideally before the end of the year — or sooner — and to maintain that weight for the rest of my life.

Now that I set my goal, how am I going to accomplish it? I am going to exercise 30 minutes every day and I am going to cut my portions, concentrating on good, healthy foods that I will cook at home. Not only will this reduce my waistline, but it will also reduce my eating out budget. When we do eat out, I am going to opt for healthier choices and cutting portions, taking whatever I don’t eat home for the next day. Ed and I have been discussing doing the Modern Gal’s Ration Project again, which will force us to cut down on sugar and processed foods while encouraging us to cook and eat at home. Plus it’s damned fun and interesting, especially for folks interested in history.

2. To support my mental and emotional health I am going to set aside two days during the week to relax, to be creative, and to explore our new home here in Texas. I want to spend more time in nature and that means exploring the state and national parks here. This will give me time to regroup and focus

3. To further support my mental and emotional health I am going to be proactive in meeting new people and making new friends here in Texas. I’m going to cultivate the relationships that I have already started and I’m going to engage in activities that will allow me to meet new people. I have some things in the works right now so stay tuned. 🙂

4. I’m going to fall in love with my work again. This year is the year of publishing … HOOK OR BY CROOK. I already know that I tend to be a “workaholic” when it comes to my work, so I’m going to use that mindset to accomplish great things. I am going to work smarter, not harder … and I’m going to make sure I take those two days off to recharge my academic batteries.

5. And finally, while I don’t vow that this is going to be a “dry” year, I am definitely going cut back on my alcohol consumption for many reasons: diabetes and alcoholism runs in the family and alcohol adds empty calories to my daily intake. Besides, I’m not processing alcohol like I used to and I’ve been getting more and more headaches from it. I’ll drink socially, but that’s it.

What are your Bat Fit 2017 goals, dear readers? If you have a blog make sure you post your goals there. Use the Bat Fit 2017 icon, link back to my blog, and make sure you leave a comment here with a link to your blog. 

Want to join Bat Fit 2017 and don’t have a blog? Easy, peasy! Just make a comment with your goals there. If you’re on Facebook make sure you join the Bat Fit Group HERE.


14 thoughts on “Bat Fit 2017: Day 1 Setting Goals”

  1. Already wrote these down in my journal, but no reason not to share!

    Since I am going to be 42 late this year, I want to break 200 lbs (currently around 260). So for me that means:

    -Drink more water

    -walk more

    -play outside with my son every day (weather permitting)

    -trim the plants and trees before Spring

    I’m hoping to shed at least 10 pounds before going to Disneyland for Bats Day in the Fun Park, which is in May. If I can shed 20, I will be very happy.

    For me, this year also means taking better care of the house. I’ve relied too much on my mother, but she can’t handle stairs that well any more. So I need to look for diabetic-friendly recipes (both my parents are) which are also tasty and can be set up for easy cooking (like crock pot or casserole-like in construction.)

    Looking forward to your progress!


  2. PERFECT timing! 🙂
    My goals for the year are to build on the foundation I started in 2016 (I lost 50 pounds!) and continue that.
    I’ve gone with an Instagram account for my fitness social media, and can be found there @becomingfuriosa 🙂


  3. My BatFit goals:
    -To go from 154 to 130 lbs and put on more muscle. I ‘ll exercise 5 times per week for 30-60 minutes, follow the mediterranean diet and count my calories.
    -To pass less time on the internet and more with my loved ones, sleeping or reading
    -To find a job.
    -To fulfill my academic goals


  4. I have always intended to join Bat Fit, but never got around to it. This is the year I’m finally doing it.
    1. I’m not worried about an exact number on the scale. I just want to get to a place where I feel physically healthy. That means being able to walk up the three flights to my payment without feeling winded.
    2. Stop eating so much fast food/ prepackaged meals.
    3. Get some form of exercise every day, even if it’s just a little bit.
    5. Make my external surroundings at home more organized and less of a pig sty and keep it that way so that I can actually feel relaxed and happy at home.
    6. Take more time for myself and stop feeling like I MUST say yes to every social obligation.
    7. Work on my writing every day, even if it’s only for a half hour or so.
    8. Calm the mental storm even if it means going back to therapy.
    9. Get some damn sleep!

    Thanks, Franny. I’ll be doing this right along with you and am cheering you on in my head. 🙂


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