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The Dawning of a New Day: Good Bye 2016

Setting Sun in Tennessee

After a month of packing and moving we arrived in Bryan-College Station, Texas this past Thursday. Even though we haven’t any furniture because we couldn’t take any with us and the POD has been delayed a week, we are happily putting together our new home. In the last few days we’ve bought everything we need to set up our bathrooms — yes, we each get our own bathroom! — and to clean the house that we are renting. The POD is being delivered on Wednesday and in the next few weeks we’ll start buying furniture … hopefully. Neither one of us wants to rush into making decorating decisions, so we’re taking our time and looking at all of our options.

And away we go.

The trip down to Texas was pretty uneventful and long. We stopped twice along the way — first in Knoxville, TN and then in Texarkana, TX — giving us three days of driving in a packed car with two animals. We knew that Pumpkin would travel well; we didn’t know what to expect from Moo. I am happy to report that Moo is an awesome traveler! We bought her a large crate in which we placed a small litter box and water. She didn’t complain one bit and she even used the litter box a few times during the trip. In the hotel room Moo and Pumpkin had free reign and both behaved wonderfully. Their good behavior made the trip much less stressful than anticipated. The first two “legs” of the drive were approximately 13 hours each and the last “leg” was around 5 hours. Whew!

Have bear, will travel.

It’s 70 degrees here in Texas. My windows are open and I just finished cleaning my bathroom and the kitchen. I’m sitting on the air mattress writing this and the sun is streaming through my windows. The dog is snoring away as he sleeps in a sun spot. Ed went to buy movie tickets for tonight’s showing of Rogue One. We aren’t spending our New Year’s Eve at a party or special event. Instead, I’m making pasta with sauce and a side salad. We’re going to the movies, after which we’ll sit in our backyard drinking and chatting. 2017 will be welcomed in a quiet, contemplative manner.

Today is the first day in months that I have a chance to sit and think … and breath … and relax. In many ways 2016 was tragic. We lost our compass (Bowie), our villain (Rickman), our Prince and Princess … among many, many others. Politically, the world is being challenged and tested by the far right and doctrines of hate, especially here in the US. However, personally, 2016 was really, really awesome. I got a full-time teaching gig at Texas A&M and I really, really like the folks in my department. I was published. I presented at a number of conferences. I started to work on MAPACA’s Response Journal and became a Board Member. I met new people and made new friends.  Emotionally and mentally, I’ve been steadily healing and getting healthier. Physically … meh. I gained back all the weight I lost and stopped exercising all together. Despite that, I’ve been relatively healthy. All-in-all, it’s been a good, solid year of building, work, and accomplishments. Hell! We just escaped Staten Island and are now living in Texas!!! Talk about a huge adventure! WAHOO! Excitement!


As for 2017, my only resolutions are to be a better version of myself and to continue to work hard and accomplish big things. I have tons of goals like getting my book proposal accepted by a publisher; getting back to a healthy weight and excellent level of physical fitness; (re)learning French, and carving out more personal/creative/spiritual time. We are planning to go to Disney World after Spring classes are over and to visit our family in NYC in June. And of course we’re going to explore our new state and all that it has to offer. Yes, 2017 is going to continue the awesomeness of 2016 … at least personally.

BEFORE I FORGET — AND YES, THERE ISN’T ANY BELLS OR WHISTLES — I AM LAUNCHING BAT FIT 2017 TOMORROW. I’m hosting a week long Bat Fit extravaganza, so stop by for some encouragement, ideas, etc. for your total health goals for 2017.

Happiest of New Year’s, my dear readers! Much love to all.


6 thoughts on “The Dawning of a New Day: Good Bye 2016”

  1. A long journey but its great to hear you had a safe journey, and it wasn’t too tiring on the kids. I wish you all the best for for 2017 and for the Usa.

    I went to see Rogue One, yesterday. I’ll not spoil it but except say its phenomenal. In the UK it’s 10:30 pm and I’m watching family guy with a cup of Earl Gray. My partner.So, it’s a quiet night for us.

    Sending you all my love from the UK to you, Edd, Moo and Pumkin. Big hugs.

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