Functional Flapper

Mind the mess … we are packing after all.

A few weeks ago my new niece, Little Bean, was baptized and that meant Ed and I had a family function to attend. I wanted to wear something stylish and comfortable, but somewhat sensible because I knew we were going to be in church first.


It’s no secret that I’m a big girl. I’m 6 foot tall and my weight can fluctuate from 195 to 240 lbs, depending on the stress and how “good” I am with staying on my fitness and healthy diet. Even when I’m at my most fit, I have an athletic, swimmer’s body. As such my back and shoulders are super big, making clothing shopping a real bear. While I’ve had some luck finding vintage clothing in my size (or close to my size), I gravitate towards retro clothing lines and modern clothes that are cut and styled in vintage ways. I’ll admit, I have great fun shopping for clothing that resembles 1920s to 1940s styles. With a few vintage pieces of jewelry or retro-inspired accessories, I can easily recreate the look of vintage with modern cuts. And that’s exactly what I did here. The Asian print blouse and shawl sweater are from Macy’s (this year) and the skirt is from QVC (last year). The blouse is a long tunic and the skirt has a handkerchief bottom, both very popular in the 1920s.

Source: Google Images

Of course, the accessories add to the retro-vibe. A long string of pearls, a crystal pendant on a gold-tone chain, and pearl drop earrings added to my look. Since we were having the reception in an Italian restaurant I though the Betsy Johnson pizza wristlet would be an adorable addition. I adore the sparkling “pepperoni” on the bag! CUTE! Yes, baptisms — like communions and confirmations — are big deals here in Staten Island, especially with the Italian-American population, and that means there are big dinners and receptions afterwards.



And finally, no vintage-inspired look is complete without the proper hat. Long-time readers know from my now-defunct blog over at blogger, my new, favorite hat shop is Hats in the Belfry in Maryland. I featured two of their summer hats and reviewed the company in a previous post. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again and again, this company is absolutely AWESOME. All of the hats I bought from them are well-made, quality hats and the customer service is above and beyond fabulous! I am wearing their Giovanni Jolanda wool cloche. It’s an asymmetrical style with a gorgeous cascade of wool flowers dotted with beads down the right side.

The Run Down:

Blouse and sweater: Macy’s

Skirt: QVC

Stockings: Target

Jewelry: Charming Charlie

Shoes: ModCloth

15 thoughts on “Functional Flapper”

  1. So beautiful. I am so jealous of your clothes. I love the hats especially. I am so happy you did a fashion post. I love the in depth posts you do, but I love when you give us a glimpse into your closet.


  2. I love the whole 20s vintage theme going on it works wonderfully on you. I really think you should lend me that hat I Love it.


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